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about-usReplacement Carafe Net came about through the process of breaking a wide variety of carafes over the years (I'm not too coordinated, especially early in the morning before my coffee)! I found that even the big local stores like Walmart and Target didn't carry much in the way of replacment carafes, so ended up buying most of them on the web.

For anyone who is interested, we currently have a Black and Decker DE790B Coffemaker with a thermal carafe. I finally gave up on the machines with the glass carafes as I seemed to break those constantly. It's not fancy, but does the job well and the price is good, only around $35.00 or so. It works well with both coffee from a can (Don Francisco on weekdays) and custom ground coffee (Starbucks weekend coffee!) We've had it for about two years with no trouble at all.

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