Black & Decker DCM1300 Replacement Carafe

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Black & Decker 3380
Replacement Carafe

Black & Decker DCM1300 Coffeemaker

The Black & Decker DCM1300 twelve cup coffeemaker is one of the company’s older models, but many are still in service in kitchens throughout the United States (and likely elsewhere!).  As with many less expensive coffeemakers, the DCM1300 uses a glass carafe.  Unfortunately, the odds are that if you have a coffee maker for years, especially if you use it on a daily basis, you will eventually break the carafe. 

Black & Decker DCM1300 Replacement Carafe

Often this requires the purchase of an entire new coffeemaker, but if you own one of these appliances, you are in luck.   Black & Decker still manufactures a replacement carafe for this model, the Black & Decker 3380 12-cup carafe.

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