Black & Decker DCM2500 Replacement Carafe

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Black & Decker GC2000B Replacement Carafe

Black & Decker GC2000W
Replacement Carafe

Black & Decker DCM2500 Coffee Maker

The Black & Decker DCM2500 coffee maker is easy to program and can make up to 12 cups of coffee at a time, perfect for families with multiple morning coffee drinkers! The machine also features a “Sneak-a-Cup” feature that pauses brewing in case you want a cup of coffee before the entire pot is finished. As a safety feature, the machine shuts off automatically after two hours. Other features include windows on both sides of the water reservoir, allowing exact measurement of the amount of water used. The coffee maker comes in both black and white models to match your kitchen décor.

Black & Decker DCM2500 Replacement Carafe

The replacement carafe for the DCM2500 is the Black and Decker GC2000 carafe.  This carafe is available with both black trim (GC2000B) and white trim (GC2000) to match your original Black & Decker coffeemaker.

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