Black & Decker DCM550 Replacement Carafe

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Black & Decker GC500 Replacement Carafe

Black & Decker DCM550 Coffeemaker

Over a century old, the Black & Decker Company started with a portable electric drill in 1910.  Over the years it has expanded to manufacture nearly every type of power tool and also diverse products ranging from kitchen faucets to golf clubs.  One of the most successful added product lines is home appliances, including many automatic drip coffeemakers.  The Black & Decker SmartBrew DCM550 5-cup coffeemaker is one of these.  Released a number of years ago, this appliance was great for those who didn’t need an entire pot of coffee at a time.

Black & Decker DCM550 Replacement Carafe

The DCM550 is no longer in production, but many machines are still in use as coffeemakers can last quite some time.  By far the most common part to break is the glass carafe.  Fortunately, the replacement carafe is still produced and is available.  If you break your original carafe, the Black & Decker GC500 replacement carafe will have your coffeemaker back up and running.

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