Black & Decker ODC150 Replacement Carafe

Find the Right Carafe for Your Coffee Maker

Medelco GL210B
Replacement Carafe

Black & Decker ODC150 Coffeemaker

Black and Decker’s Spacemaker line of coffeemakers are great little units for kitchens (or other areas) that have limited space.  Unlike most coffeemakers, they don’t sit on the counter, but can be affixed under a shelf or cabinet, leaving more counter space open.  They’re great for small offices and college dorms too.

Black & Decker ODC150 Replacement Carafe

The ODC150 has a glass carafe, as do the majority of coffeemakers.  These are usually lightweight and inexpensive, but have the drawback that they are easily breakable.   Fortunately, it is not necessary to buy a new coffeemaker if the carafe breaks.  A compatible replacement carafe, the Medelco MDGL210B 10-Cup Coffee Carafe, is sold by the Medelco Company and will have your coffee machine back brewing in no time.

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