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BonJour Bijoux French Press

Most people in the United States use automatic drip coffee makers for their daily brew.  This isn’t the only way to brew coffee, and a small but growing number of coffee drinkers use a French press.  This is a simple method that only requires coarsely ground coffee and hot water.  The coffee is placed at the bottom of a carafe, the hot water added and a plunger/filter is pressed down to extract the coffee itself. 
There are a number of companies that make French press coffee makers, but one of the most popular is BonJour.  The company makes a variety of kitchen products, including French press coffee makers.  One of their older models is the Bijoux French press.  The Bijoux is no longer in production, but many are still in use. 

BonJour Bijoux Replacement Carafe

As French Presses are simple devices, they can last quite some time.  The primary problem is a broken carafe.   Fortunately, BonJour still manufactures carafes for their older models. There are three different sizes of Bijoux coffee makers.  The 3-cup Bijoux uses the Bonjour 53310 carafe, the 8-cup uses the Bonjour 53315 carafe and the 12-cup Bijoux uses the BonJour 53316 carafe.

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