BonJour Linear Replacement Carafe

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BonJour 53315
Replacement Carafe

BonJour Linear French Press

One of BonJour’s more stylish French Press coffee makers, the Linear has a modern featuring geometric rectangle patterns cut out of the frame.   The coffee maker retains the high quality workmanship that one expects from a BonJour appliance, and includes a sturdy heat resistant borosilicate glass container, stainless steel mesh filter, press, framework and lid.  It also incorporates BonJour’s patented flavor lock filter system that keeps the coffee fresh and hot.   In addition to being an attractive design, the framework surrounds and protects the carafe more completely than most French press coffee makers and helps protect it from breaking.   

BonJour Linear Replacement Carafe

Although the design of the Linear French press protects the glass carafe better than most, accidents can happen.  The company is aware of this and sells the carafe separately, so it is not necessary to buy an entire new appliance if just the carafe is broken.  The replacement carafe for the Bonjour Linear is the BonJour 53315 8-cup Carafe.

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