Braun KF140 Replacement Carafe

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Braun KFK10FL
Replacement Cararafe

Braun KF140 Coffee Maker

Braun has manufactured many coffee makers over the years and one of the company’s most popular is their line of AromaSelect coffee makers.  The KF140 is one of their earlier models and in addition to its very stylish design it could make from 10 to 15 cups of coffee (depending on the size of the cup), featured a built in water filter to start with great tasting water and a feature that allowed the user to chose the strength of the coffee.

Braun KF140 Replacement Carafe

As technology and styles changed, new AromaSelect coffee makers have been introduced, but many KF140s are still in service.  Although the brewing unit is durable and can last for years, the carafe is glass and can be accidently broken by hitting it against a counter or side of the sink while washing it.  Luckily for owners of the KF140, Braun still manufactures the Braun KFK10FL replacement carafe which is used by the KF140.

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