Braun KF145 Replacement Carafe

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Braun KFK10FL
Replacement Cararafe

Braun KF145 Coffee Maker

Max Braun founded the Braun Company almost a hundred years ago in Germany.  The company began by manufacturing radio parts.  This was quite successful and they soon were producing a variety of radios and audio equipment.  Since then the company survived the ravages of World War II, when most of the company’s factories were destroyed, to grow into a major producer of many varied household products, including a line of coffee makers.  Interestingly though, the company no longer makes radios. The Braun KF145 is an example of one of the company’s quality appliances.  The ten cup coffee maker heats the water with a powerful 1250 watt heater for rapid brewing.  It also includes a built in Brita water filter to keep the water as chlorine and mineral free as possible and an automatic shut-off safety feature. 

Braun KF145 Replacement Carafe

Although the coffee maker itself is durable, the carafe is glass, which can be easily broken if bumped against a counter or sink.  If this happens, the replacement for the original carafe is the Braun KFK10FL replacement carafe

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