Braun KF150 Replacement Carafe

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Braun KFK12FL
Replacement Cararafe

Braun KF150 Coffee Maker

In existence since the early 1920s, the Braun Company has produced a vast array of household goods over the ninety years of its existence.  Originally a small German company that sold radio parts, Braun is now known worldwide for its many products, including coffee makers.  The Braun KF150 is an example of one of these.  Although it is no longer in production, the stylish 12 to 18 cup coffee maker (the actual number of cups depends on the size of the coffee cup) was a durable machine with a number of nice features including a built in water filter, ability to control the strength of the coffee and easily cleanable parts.

Braun KF150 Replacement Carafe

Although the KF150 is no longer being made, many of these appliances still sit on kitchen counters being used every day.  Aside from occasionally changing the filter, the main problem is a broken carafe.  As with all glass carafes, the KF150’s is easily broken.  But fortunately, Braun still manufactures the carafe.  If you need a carafe for your Braun KF150, the Braun KFK12FL replacement carafe will have you back brewing in no time.

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