Braun KF155 Replacement Carafe

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Braun KFK12FL
Replacement Cararafe

Braun KF155 Coffee Maker

The Braun AromaSelect KF155 coffee maker is one of many Braun home appliances that the company has been manufacturing for nearly a hundred years. The KF155 is a large machine and can make from 12 to 18 cups of coffee at a time, depending on how large your coffee cup is.  It includes a number of nice features such as a water filter, a switch that will adjust the heat if you only have a couple cups of coffee left and an “Aroma selector”, which allows you to select the strength of the coffee.

Braun KF155 Replacement Carafe

Although the Braun KF155 was a popular coffee maker when it was released, it is no longer in production.  It is a high quality appliance and can last for many years.  The largest problem is a broken carafe, as the carafe is glass and is moved around more than any other part of the machine.  Luckily,  Braun still manufactures the KF155 carafe, the Braun KFK12FL replacement carafe.

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