Braun KF180 Replacement Carafe

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Braun KFK12FL
Replacement Cararafe

Braun KF180 Coffee Maker

The Braun Company has been known for its high quality workmanship for over 90 years.  Originally specializing in radios and audio equipment, the company has changed through the years and now features a line of personal and household appliances, including coffeemakers.  The Braun FlavorSelect KF180 coffeemaker is one of these.  Featuring a powerful 1200 watt heating element it can brew twelve cups of coffee at a time, enough for a small office or a family of coffee drinkers.  It also includes advanced features such as a 24 hour programmable timer, an automatic safety shut-off, overflow protection and a pause feature.

Braun KF180 Replacement Carafe

Although good quality coffee makers such as the Braun KF180 can last for years, the glass carafe can break.  Fortunately, Braun sells a replacement carafe for this model.  If you need a replacement, the Braun KFK12FL carafe will have your coffee maker back up and running in a few days

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