Braun KF187 Replacement Carafe

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Braun KFK12FL
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Braun KF187 Coffee Maker

The Braun Company has been around for nearly a century and has made a wide variety of products over the years.  The German company started out manufacturing radio parts, but soon grew to produce radios, phonographs and other audio products.  The company fell on hard times during World War II and many of their factories were destroyed by the end of the war.   However, Braun rebuilt and by the early 1950s had introduced an early line of electric shavers, and building on that product’s success, expanded their product line to include many household appliances including coffeemakers.

Braun KF187 Replacement Carafe

One of these was the Braun FlavorSelect KF187.  This is an advanced twelve cup coffeemaker that uses a multipath brewing system so you can modify the strength of the brew.  The KF187 also features a very nice selection of advanced features including a Brita filtering system that removes impurities and chlorine from the water, a built in timer, an automatic safety shut off and a pause feature that stops the brewing process so a cup of coffee can be poured before the full pot is done.    The KF187 should last for years.   The most common problem is breaking the glass carafe.  If this happens, the carafe can be replaced by the Braun KFK12FL replacement carafe.

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