Braun KF510 Replacement Carafe

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Braun KFK500BK
Replacement Cararafe

Braun KFK500WH
Replacement Carafe

Braun KF590 Coffee Maker

Braun’s KF590 Impressions Digital coffee maker is a full featured appliance made by a company known for its quality products.  The ten cup coffee maker features Braun’s fast brewing technology that produces an excellent cup of coffee every time.  It also includes advanced features such as a programmable 24 hour timer, an automatic shut off, a Brita water filter to reduce chlorine and impurities in the water and a permanent gold tone filter.

Braun KF590 Replacement Carafe

As with most Braun products, the KF590 should last for years.  The only part that may need replacement is the carafe.  Although it is also a quality product, it is made of glass and can be easily broken by an accidental bump on the counter or sink.  Fortunately, Braun makes two replacement carafes that fit the KF590, the Braun KFK500BK carafe (with black trim) and the Braun KFK500WH carafe (with white trim).  Either one will have your coffee maker back up and running in no time.

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