Braun KF600 Replacement Carafe

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Braun 7050-581
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Braun KF600 Coffee Maker

A top of the line coffee maker from a company known for quality products, the ten cup Braun KF600 coffee maker uses a permanent gold tone coffee filter and an exclusive Brita water filter to deliver a great cup of coffee every time.  Other features include an automatic shut off, a filter release button to make clean up easy and a vacuum insulated thermal carafe.  Although usually more expensive, thermal carafes are superior to glass carafes as they keep the coffee hot through insulation, not through constant heating.  This prevents the “burnt” taste that coffee gets if it is constantly heated over time.

Braun KF600 Replacement Carafe

Another nice thing about stainless steel thermal carafes is that they are much harder to break than a standard glass carafe (although it is possible!).  The most common problem with thermal carafes is that the lid mechanism can get clogged with minerals (especially in areas with hard water) if the coffee maker isn’t maintained.  Even if the original carafe is working fine, many people buy a second carafe if they need more than one pot of coffee at once.  As a good thermal carafe can keep coffee hot for hours, it is possible to brew multiple pots of coffee and have them ready when guests arrive.  If you need a replacement or just a second carafe, the Braun KF600 uses the Braun 7050-581 Metal Thermo Jar, which can be purchased separately.

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