Capresso MG600 Replacement Carafe

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Capresso 4444
Replacement Carafe

Capresso MG600 Coffee Maker

The Capresso MG600 coffee maker can make 10 cups of richly flavored coffee in a mere eight minutes. It includes a variety of advanced features such as a 24 hour programmable timer, a pause feature that lets you get a cup of coffee before the entire pot is done, an automatic shut-off for safety, and a charcoal water filter to assure that you start your brew with chemical free water. One unusual feature is the “smaller-amount” setting, which automatically allows you to brew only a few cups rather than the full ten cups. The MG600 is a durable high quality machine that will look great on your kitchen counter.

Capresso MG600 Replacement Carafe

If you need a replacement carafe, or just want an extra to serve twice the coffee (great for office breakrooms) the replacement for the Capresso MG600 is the Capresso glass carafe model 4444.

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