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Which Coffee Maker is Best for You?

Capresso Replacement CarafeMost coffeemakers are purchased in a rush, usually to replace one that has just broken. The objective is to simply get a decent (and usually inexpensive) model fast so the coffee can flow again as soon as possible. This method works, but it will usually result in a machine that is less than a perfect fit.

There are many different brands of coffeemakers available – Mr. Coffee, Krups, Cuisinart, Brun, and so on. Each brand has a wide selection of models ranging from the common countertop model with a glass carafe, to elaborate models that use thermal carafes and can be programmed to make many different types of coffee. The key is to determine what you need from a coffeemaker. If you just grab a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work, you don’t really need to spend 400 dollars for a top of the line, multi-featured machine.

The next time your coffeemaker breaks, or more likely, you just need a replacement carafe, don’t immediately run out and buy another one right away. Get your coffee at Starbucks or local coffee shop for a few days and take some time to consider what model of coffeemaker would be best for you.

The first step is to write down what exactly you want in the coffeemaker. How many cups of coffee do you need to make at once? Do you need 12 cups at once, or will a 2 cup model work fine. Some coffeemakers make great coffee and will grind your coffee beans, measure just the right amount of water and keep everything hot in a thermal carafe to avoid “burning” the coffee, but they cost quite a bit and require a fair amount of care and cleaning. Other models make decent coffee, but are inexpensive and easy to care for and clean. Which is more important to you, convenience or a perfect cup of coffee?

Once you have determined exactly what you need from your coffeemaker, use the Internet to research the different models available. Most brands have their own sites with detailed information on each model, and many other sites such as Amazon have a wide variety of coffeemakers from different companies for sale. An added advantage to sites such as Amazon is that they often have customer reviews available which can give you a good idea of what actual owners think of the machines. You may also want to check the availability and price of a replacement carafe, especially if you are buying a machine with a glass carafe.

Once you have chosen the coffeemaker you want, shop around for the best price. Remember to include shipping costs with your price. Sometimes high shipping charges can make an inexpensive purchase a costly one! Order your new coffeemaker and you’re set to go. You may have to wait a bit longer, but in the end you will have a machine that is much better suited to your use.

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