Cuisinart DCC-450 Replacement Carafe

Find the Right Carafe for Your Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-450BRC Replacement Carafe

Cuisinart DCC-450RC Replacement Carafe

Cuisinart DCC-460RCRF Replacement Carafe

Cuisinart DCC-450 Coffeemaker

Measuring only 7.5” x 5” x 10.5”, the Cuisinart DCC-450 coffeemaker is perfect for a small kitchen, dorm or even an office cubicle desk. Designed for people who only want a cup or two of coffee at a time, the DCC-450 includes a pause feature that temporarily stops the brewing so you can grab a quick cup of coffee before the pot is full, and a thirty minute automatic shut-off for safety. The DCC-450 is available in a variety of colors - there's even a pink model available!

Cuisinart DCC-450 Replacement Carafe

There are three different models of replacement carafes for the DCC-450 so you can buy the one that best fits your kitchen decor! The three versions are the DCC-450BRC (Black Trim), DCC-450RC (White Trim) and DCC-450RCRF (Red Trim).

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