Cuisinart DGB-600 Replacement Carafe

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Cuisinart DGB-600RC Replacement Carafe

Cuisinart DGB-600 Grind & Brew Coffeemaker

The ten cup Cuisinart DGB-600 Grind & Brew coffeemaker makes sure you have the freshest most flavorful coffee each morning by grinding your coffee beans moments before your coffee is brewed. This retains most of the oils that give coffee its subtle flavor, and produces a much better cup than the usual store bought ground coffee. If you don’t have any coffee beans handy, the grinder can be turned off so regular ground coffee can be used. The stainless steel thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm without a heating element, thus avoiding overcooked, burnt coffee. The coffeemaker can also be programmed in advance so your coffee’s ready when you are. Other features include a pause function that stops the brewing process so a quick cup of coffee can be poured before the entire pot is done, settings for one to four cups if you don’t want all ten cups, and a charcoal filter.

Cuisinart DGB-600 Replacement Carafe

The replacement carafe for the DGB-600 is the Cuisinart DGB-600RC carafe.

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