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History of Carafes

Capresso Replacement CarafeIn the ancient past, carafes were used to serve wine. Generally made of glass, they were used mainly by the wealthy as glass was difficult to manufacture in bulk during those times. Metal carafes were also made, usually of precious metals such as silver and gold, but often of bronze. If commoners had carafes, they were usually made of fired clay. Ancient carafes are rare, but examples can be found in museums around the world.

During the dark ages, after the fall of the Roman Empire, glass production became much less common. Carafes during this period were primarily made of fired clay. However, during the renaissance, glass production again became more common, and carafes were again made primarily with glass. Many were works of art and designed with intricate patterns by master artists. However in taverns and inns, less expensive porcelain and glass carafes were still used. It was during this period that wine carafes took the standard shape we see today of a wide body and slender neck.

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