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History of Krups Coffee Makers &
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Capresso Replacement CarafeThere are many different companies that make coffee makes, but one of the most respected is Krups, a German company with decades of experience producing both coffeemakers and many other small appliances. The Krups name represents high quality and their coffee makers are known as some of the best in the world.

Krups makes a variety of coffee makers, from the reasonably priced Krups FME2-14 12-Cup Coffeemaker to the expensive, but full featured Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine. Which type of coffee maker is best for you depends on whether you are looking for a quick cup of coffee to drink on the way to work, or a fine brew to sip while relaxing at home with friends.

Coffee makers contain two main parts, the brewing unit and the carafe. The brewing unit plugs into the wall socket and can range from a very simple heating device that holds the carafe and makes coffee to a complex device that can automatically grind your coffee beans and be set to brew your coffee to exactly the temperature and strength you enjoy. Carafes can range from simple glass containers to complex thermal carafes. Usually the more elaborate the brewing unit, the more elaborate the carafe.

Companies, Krups included, rarely make replacement brewing units. If the heating element burns out, you will usually need to purchase an entire new coffeemaker – be sure to save the carafe though, especially if you buy the same model of coffeemaker! Coffee carafes are a different though. Most companies manufacture replacement carafes for their coffee makers, usually at a much lower price than for a new coffeemaker. Generic replacement carafes are also commonly available and those can be fine for basic glass models, but if you are buying a more complex thermal carafe, it is best to purchase it from the original manufacturer.

Of course Krups also makes their own name brand replacement carafes with the same high quality that they make their coffee makers. Their thermal coffee carafes rarely break, but Krups glass carafes, although well made, have the usual drawback that glass containers have – glass breaks easily. Either way, both types of replacement coffee carafes are available from many reputable vendors, and you can have your coffee maker back brewing your morning coffee in a short time.

--- Felix J. Sheffield

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