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History of Mr. Coffee

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The Mr. Coffee brand was founded in 1968 by Vincent Marotta and Samuel Glazer. They created North American Systems as a coffee delivery service. The Mr. Coffee coffeemaker that made the brand famous and both men rich was developed in 1972 by Marotta who designed an automatic drip coffeemaker. In the past, coffee was brewed by using a percolator that boiled water and ran it past a heating element. This overheated some of the coffee and gave it a burnt and bitter flavor.

The Mr. Coffee automatic drip coffeemaker dripped water at 200 degrees Fahrenheit through the coffee to produce a uniform brewing temperature and flavor. It was a huge success and by the end of the decade, very few coffee percolators were still in use. The Mr. Coffee brand is still one of the major producers of coffeemakers and many homes have one sitting on their counters brewing coffee every morning.

Types of Mr. Coffee Coffeemakers

There are many different types of Mr. Coffee coffeemakers to choose from including inexpensive basic models and complex feature rich models. There are also different types of carafes available, basic glass carafes and more complex thermal carafes usually made from plastic and stainless steel. The thermal carafes rarely break, and the main problem they have is from mineral buildup from hard water. This can be easily avoided by giving the lid (which usually has the more complex mechanisms) a good cleaning every so often – although if you wait too long, the mineral buildup may make if difficult to clean.

Mr. Coffee Replacement Carafes

Glass coffee carafes are a different matter – they break easily. An accidental bump on the edge of the counter or hitting it against the sink while cleaning will cause it to shatter. Fortunately, it is easy to find a Mr. Coffee replacement carafe on the internet (sometimes it can be difficult to find the right model in local stores) which can be purchased for a much lower price than a complete new coffeemaker.

Mr. Coffee coffeemakers are well designed with years of experience behind them, so the heating units rarely break and years of solid use can be expected. Fortunately the only fragile part of the device is easy to replace and with a bit of care, shouldn’t need to be replaced that often.

--- Felix Sheffield

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