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Capresso Replacement CarafeFounded in 1994, Capresso is a recent addition to the coffee makers club. The company specializes on high quality coffee makers for the connoisseur, and although the machines may be a bit more expensive than the average coffee maker, the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is apparent with Capresso machines. You can be assured that if you make your coffee in a Capresso coffee machine, you'll enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee when you are done.

During the 15 years since the company's founding, it has become famous for the quality of its coffee makers. Capresso's standard automatic drip coffee makers are often combined with a built in coffee grinder to ensure that the coffee is fresh and of the highest quality. The company also makes fine espresso coffee makers and other products. Due to their excellent quality and durability, Capresso coffee makers are often used in restaurants as well as homes.

Most of the coffee machines produced by Capresso have a variety of advanced features. These usually include programmable timers so your coffee will be ready to go when you are, charcoal water filters to assure that you start with good quality water, and a "Pause-to-Serve" feature that lets you get a cup of coffee before the entire pot is full. Most Capresso machines also use European cone filters to make sure that your cup of coffee is rich and satisfying. A built in coffee grinder is also included on many of the machines so you can have the freshest coffee possible. An automatic safety feature automatically turns the coffee pot off after a set time.

Capresso coffee makers are not only functional, but are considered to be one of the most stylish brands on the market. Even the most modern and elegant kitchen will benefit from a Capresso product on the counter.

Capresso coffee makers are made of high quality materials, extremely well designed and can last for many years. Unfortunately, the carafes, although well designed, can break, leaving you with a working coffee maker but no carafe. To compound this, many of the earlier models of coffee makers have been replaced with newer models, and it is difficult to find a replacement. Usually only a refurbished or used model is all that can be found, if even that.

Fortunately, most Capresso replacement carafes are available, so it is not necessary to give up your favorite coffee maker just because you have a broken carafe. There are many replacements available on the Internet and the price for a Capresso replacement carafe is far less than buying an entire replacement coffee maker.

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