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Capresso Replacement CarafeMost coffee makers brew one to twelve cups of coffee, and some industrial machines can make much more. This is great if you want extra coffee to drink during the day, or work in an office where dozens of people drink coffee all day long. But what if you only want a single cup? The larger coffee makers are designed to make multiple cups of coffee, and trying to measure out the exact amounts to make just one cup can be tricky. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with a single cup coffee maker.

Single cup coffee makers, as one would expect, make a single cup of coffee at a time. The most obvious benefit of being able to brew a single cup is that you can save quite a bit of money over time. Even though it is possible to brew less than a full pot of coffee with a standard coffee maker, most of the time people just brew a full pot of coffee, drink what they want, and pour the rest out. Over time, a lot of coffee is wasted, and coffee isn’t free. A one cup coffee maker solves this problem by brewing only a single cup. Then, if you want more coffee, you can just brew another cup.

Many one cup coffee makers use convenient “pod” filters. A pod is coffee wrapped inside filter paper that you can just put in your coffee maker without having to open a can of coffee or worry about measuring an exact amount. Aside from being convenient, this allows a much greater choice in the type of coffee from cup to cup. Usually, you may have one or two cans of coffee at a time. Coffee goes stale after a while, so you don’t want to have too many cans open at once. With pods, you can purchase a variety of flavors you like and change them at will. Since each pod is a separate unit, its not necessary to buy coffee in large cans. This can also be great when many people share the coffee maker but want different coffee flavors.

Lastly, single cup coffee makers are usually smaller than standard coffee makers. This is great if you have a smaller kitchen, or even if you want a personal coffee maker at work. Most models have a carafe that doubles as a coffee mug (many are also insulated) and this saves even more space. Since most one cup coffee makers don’t use a glass carafe, the danger of breakage and cost of a replacement coffee carafe is reduced.

--- Felix Sheffield

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